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Mind Body Program

What are the components of the Upper School Mind Body Program (MBP)?

Students participate in the MBP from 9th-11th grades. The Upper School MBP has two components. The first is a Fitness Lab that meets once a week throughout the year. The second is an activity component, which can be fulfilled through an activity class (2 to 3x per week), a dance class (2 to 3x per week,) or a CSUS sports team (5 to 6 x per week). Upper School students who are part of a CSUS sports team get a study hall (9th graders) or free period (10th and 11th graders) during the part of the day when they would normally be in their activity class.

Read the FAQ for more information about the Mind Body Program.


Mission Statement and Philosophy

The goal of the Mind Body Program (MBP) is to empower CSUS students with the knowledge that enables them to make healthy informed choices for lifelong fitness and wellness. The realization of the program includes a technology-based integration of athletics, physical education, health, science, and interdisciplinary projects. In addition to the activity portion (athletics, dance, or activity class) of our program, our curriculum includes a Fitness Lab rotation that enhances student learning by following a progression from ninth through eleventh grade; these labs build upon the fundamental components of fitness and ultimately advance to student development of Individual Fitness Plans.

We believe in the fundamental relationship between a healthy mind and body, and that life long fitness is equally as important as exemplary academics. 

Mind Body Topic Grids

Mind Body FAQ

Sample Topics -

Upper School Fitness Labs

9th Grade
Intro MBP, Mindfulness, Foundations of Strength and Conditioning

10th Grade
Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Substance Use Prevention

11th Grade
Teen Topics, CPR/AED Training, Individual Fitness Plan